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Details about the 2020 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally can be found in the printable flyer or at motorsportsreg.com where you can also register for it.

The rules for the rally are included in the General Instructions (copy below) and the Addenda to them (copy farther below) which contains corrections and updates.

If you have questions about the rally you may post them on the Texas Region Forum thread about the rally, (this forum has been retired) email the rallymaster at jerryw@illinoisalumni.org or call him at 217-390-7851 and leave a message.

Automated scoring will be implemented this year. Please check it out following the instructions below:*


1. Open this 2020 SRRR roadrally.page (URL: https://www.roadrally.page/2020-srrr) in a browser on the hardware (smart phone, tablet, notebook) you want to use on the rally.

2. Click on the "Example Puzzle Form" link below to open a copy of the type of Google Form you will be using to submit your responses. The example form includes a few puzzles similar to some that were used on Leg 1 of the 2019 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally.

3. So that you don't have to just guess at the solutions to the example puzzles you can see the puzzles in context with the route instructions and a list of the signs etc. spotted between the route instructions in the "Example Roadbook" linked to below.

4. Be sure to "Submit" your completed Example Puzzle Form once you have filled it out. Also, proceed to use the "View Score" button to see your results as this might help you to better understand how determinations are made as to which puzzle solutions are correct and which are incorrect.

Example Roadbook (copy next to the bottom below)

Explanations of the Example Solutions (copy at the very bottom below)

*NOTE: Marking your puzzle solutions in your Route Books and turning them in to the checkpoint crews is perfectly acceptable if you do not have mobile hardware that you can use with the automated scoring system.

SRRR20_Generals (Final v2_).pdf
SRRR20_Generals - Addenda (thru 2-8-2020).pdf
SRRR19Leg1 Example Roadbook (1st 2 pages).pdf
SRRR19Leg1 Example Solutions (1st 8).pdf

This Page was Ready for Sweetheart Ride! (And now the results have been posted.)