The results and write-up are in and so are the puzzle solutions. Check them out:

The places and scores appear below and the detailed puzzle solutions are here: Section 1 (to Decatur) and Section 2 (back to Buc-ee's).

In addition here is a long version and a short version of the 2021 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally Recap.

If you followed a link to this page looking for information from the 2020 version of Sweetheart Ride you can still find that information at:

For the announcement and registration information for the 2021 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally on Sunday, February 28, 2021 go to

The free Sweetheart Ride Rally Orientation - Rally School VIDEO and slides are still available and recommended if you have not yet installed the Richta Competitor app. The video is mostly about the slides. The slides were done more than a week before the original rally date so they show preliminary versions of this page and of the "Test Your Tech Loop."

The General instructions (Rules) as originally issued for the 2021 Sweetheart Ride Road Rally are located below and so is a version of the General Instructions with the Addenda Modifications included.

Questions are always welcome at

ANNOUNCEMENTs as of February 26, 2021: The "Test Your Tech Loop RIs & Puzzles Form" link is below and the corresponding "JW Test Rally" in the Competitor app are on version 3. This one I've tested and it appears to be working great.

The instructions for how to access the JW Test Rally (aka the Test Your Tech Loop) on the Competitor app are included in the form.

Even if you do not have the time to run the "Test Your Tech Loop" you should read through the form and try out using it just to improve your understanding of how SRRR will unfold and to be sure your device/browser combination will serve you well on the rally. Thanks everyone for your patience.

Test Your Tech Loop RIs & Puzzles Form You need this to follow the test route and to try out a Google Form.

The Addenda to the General instructions is now viewable below as is the Decatur Map Appendix v2 to it.

So are the Safety Check Report and the Certificate of Insurance.

The Section 1 and Section 2 Google Forms are below: Open the two Google Forms below in separate tabs in your browser on the device you will be using to complete the puzzles. You can pre fill in your car number and class. Also feel free to check out some of the before launch information and even to read all the way through the form to familiarize yourself with the SRRR questions.

SRRR Section 1 Route Instructions & Puzzles Form

SRRR Section 2 Route Instructions & Puzzles Form

See you at the rally.

Note of interest to all potential 2021 Sweetheart Ride participants:

The important point in the note below is in bold.

The last of the Notes added 2-10-2021 (with some modifications) that are still left in this format:

Some folks have noticed that the 2021 SRRR comes and goes in the Competitor app's list of events. When it is not listed it is because I'm doing updates to it. Even when it is listed registering on it (which downloads its data to your phone) does not mean that you will get the same data as will be needed for rally. If you do happen to download the data for the rally at a time while I have the event up so I can make a test run through it you will still have to "unregister" from the event (which dumps that data) and reregister to download the new data that will be made available for everyone to upload after 7 pm on Saturday evening February 27th. As a side note even when you do have the Competitor app data for a rally on your phone that data is not in a format that is available for you to peruse so actually having the data well before the rally starts is not necessary. As reassurance I can let you know from personal experience that on the first rally I attended where the Competitor app was used I hit some snags using my phone and didn't even get the data for the event until 5 or 10 minutes after the event started and everything worked out just fine. John Poulos and I will be doing everything we can to make sure everyone has the Competitor app up and running well before noon on Sunday the 28th. It really is a great little app and it has been used for many many events already (just not in exactly the same way we are using it).

SRRR Write-up v2 (long).pdf
SHRR_Overall & By Class Final Scores.pdf
SRRR21_Generals (Final).pdf
SRRR21_Generals (w Addenda Mods).pdf
SRRR21_Generals - Addenda (thru 2-26-2021).pdf
Decatur Map & Instructions -v2.pdf
SRRR21 Safety Check Report.pdf
TEXAS REGION # 20751 - SRRR21 COI Feb 28.pdf
Sample Competitor App Language for General Instructions.pdf